How Great Thou Art!

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"How Great Thou Art!" has been called the world's favourite hymn. Recorded by a diverse range of artists from gospel to classical and country to contemporary Christian, this powerful hymn has found its way into the hearts of people all around the world.

But it is most at home in the thousands of churches who lift their praise to God in worship every week. Today, through the work of The Stuart Hine Trust CIO, the ministry of its writer Stuart Hine continues.

Discover the NEW version

How Great Thou Art! (Until That Day)

Matt Redman and Mitch Wong join together to write a new verse.

In 2022, Matt Redman and Mitch Wong were asked to write a new section for this hymn. Entitled "How Great Thou Art! (Until That Day)"  it features a brand new end section.

All proceeds from this new derivative version will go to support humanitarian work in Ukraine for the foreseeable future, where the war is bringing devastation to the very people that Stuart Hine ministered to in his lifetime.
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The NEW overture

How Great Thou Art! (Until That Day)

Composer Bj Davis and vocal arranger Dr. Luke Gambill premiere the new version with the All Souls Orchestra, a 400 voice choir and the might of the Royal Albert Hall pipe organ.

In partnership with the All Souls Orchestra, the Stuart Hine Trust CIO commissioned a new overture for orchestra for the Prom Praise 'Chariots of Fire' concert.
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A hymn that resonates with so many...

About The Hymn

The hymn "How Great Thou Art!", written by Stuart Hine, has had a profound global impact. With its powerful lyrics and melodic beauty, it has transcended cultural boundaries, resonating with people from all around the world. The hymn's message of awe and reverence towards God has touched hearts and inspired worshippers wherever it is sung.

Its timeless appeal has led to countless translations and renditions in various languages and from a variety of artists, making it a beloved hymn in churches and gatherings around the globe.


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About The Trust

The Stuart Hine Trust CIO is an organisation dedicated to preserving the legacy of missionary Stuart K. Hine. Established to honour his contributions to Christian worship, the trust works to promote and protect the rights and interests associated with his compositions, including the iconic hymn "How Great Thou Art!"

The Trust actively supports the licensing and distribution of Hine's works, ensuring that his music reaches a wider audience. Additionally, it encourages the development of new arrangements and adaptations of his hymns, fostering creativity and innovation within the realm of worship music.

The Stuart Hine Trust CIO upholds Hine's missionary calling and artistic vision, enabling his profound impact on global worship to endure for generations to come.

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License How Great Thou Art!

How Great Thou Art! remains in copyright until March 2059 and you will need permission to use it.

The Stuart Hine Trust CIO has appointed different organisations as administrators for  all versions of How Great Thou Art! in different parts of the world. For all enquiries including permissions, please contact the organisation for your region as indicated below:

In the USA

Print: Hope Publishing
All other rights: Capitol CMG

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All rights: Hope Publishing

For the rest of the world

All rights: Integrity Music

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